Decode your competitor pricing strategy with intelligence tailored to Cruises and Ferries industry
Accurate Intelligence on more than 50% of the ships in the world trusted by the largest cruise lines in the world
Make accurate decisions with historical insights

As interests in the cruise industry peak across both the developed and emerging markets, the need to offer competitive offers to tap into this new market. Getting accurate intelligence tailored for the cruise industry is critical as the industry witnesses more sophisticated bundling with tours and activities, to help the revenue and pricing teams understand every factor that impacts pricing.

Six Factored intelligence tailored to industry needs

Tailored for the cruise and ferries industry, the only product to provide deep-insights on pricing based on six factors

Now get intelligence customized to your needs

  • Journey Type
  • Duration
  • Route
  • Car Type
  • Cabin type
  • Boarding and Disembarkation port

Tracking 50% of ships of the world

Trusted by the leading cruise liners of the world, RateGain processes rates for more than 50% of the ships in the world.

Historical Data for insights of tomorrow

Access historical data for validating your pricing strategy and checking pricing patterns over a period of time to derive more accurate prices.

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