Manage Corporate Travel in any part of the world with access to over 125,000+ Hotels in 191 countries.


Audit rates on third-party sites and GDS to keep track of negotiated rates v/s BAR to always offer the best deal and keep your promise.


Real-time rate intelligence enabled with automated alerts from over 1500+ channels tracking CUG, Member rates and Rewards

The change in the travel industry is no longer contained to leisure travel as more than 60% corporate travellers taking ‘Bleisure’ trips. Travelling 4-5 times a year, the corporate traveller needs access to both work amenities as well as explore the city making it important for TMCs to offer the right rates and at the same time give access to extensive supply.

RateGain, the only technology company to provide end-to-end solutions to the hospitality industry offers a competitive advantage to TMCs to access supply across the globe and also audit the rates agreed with these hotel partners. Now always give the best offer to your corporate customers and never lose trust with our revenue management and distribution solutions.

Serve Any Company by Connecting to the Largest Supply of Hotels

Don’t miss out on any corporate travel opportunity anywhere in the world by connecting to the largest supply of hotels and giving your customers a greater choice by expanding your hotel products. Influence every decision with descriptive content, across thousands of hotel properties for every CRS connection.
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Always Deliver the Best Offer with Rate Audits

Get Customized Rate Audits to check if GDS rates given by your suppliers sync with the negotiated rates as well as if the negotiated rates are lower than rates across all third-party sites. Never fail in delivering the best value by leveraging the power of apple to apple mapping to get in-depth analytics for every room type and inclusion, as well as the cheapest available rates to meet the budgetary needs of your customers every day.


Our Disparity Alerts allow TMCs to contact supply partners in case of any violation and highlight all identified cases to fix, giving TMCs more control and visibility every day.

Track Every Kind of Rate For the 'Bleisure' Traveller

RateGain gets data from more than 1500+ partners across Metas, GDSs, OTAs and brand sites with the ability to successfully track B2B Rates, CUG rates, B2B rates, Mobile Rates as well as Rewards to make sure you never lose on any channel anywhere.
How TMCs Deliver the Best Hotel Rates
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